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It has been tested and runs under Parallels 13 and above with a Mac.


Welcome to Makindo - this is a windows app for students of the medical sciences - medical students, physicians assistants, pharmacists and others. Makindo covers the entire undergraduate syllabus with over 1850 questions and detailed answers. There is also access to a comprehensive knowledgebase with over 2100 topics that can be quickly searched. Content will grow and expand with time. Try it today. Registration gives access to all future upgrades. Registration is for one user only but you can run it on a usb stick or install on your own computer or both. The optimal is to install it on a USB stick and use it everywhere and that way it is consistent with your answers. Alternatively run it from dropbox or google folder that synchronises across your devices.

Purchase and registration

Makindo contains the same content as over £ 100 worth of similar books and it is easy to access and will update with time and expand. Please try the free release with 50 questions and access to the first 100 topics. If you want the unlocked full version please make a payment of £ 19.99 sterling to through Paypal. New registration codes are sent out to the registered email address at least twice daily usually within a few hours at most. If you have heard nothing please email. Please make sure you check that it has not gone to junk mail. Once you get the code just go to the registration page and enter your email that you used through paypal and your code and it should regsiter. Please don't share codes as this may render your installation inoperative and there will be loss of registration over time.

Over 1800 questions

Knowledgebase with over 2100 topics

Fully searchable database contains undergraduate syllabus

Unzip by clicking on the zip file

Drag the folder to the USB folder you want to use it on and open directory and click on medexam.exe which will run the program

Last updated: 24/11/2018